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Teach Your Dyslexic Child Typing Skills and Watch Performance Improve

– Posted in: typing
dyslexic child typing skills

It could be the most significant skill and classroom accommodation that a dyslexic student can receive. Teaching your dyslexic child typing skills will benefit them at every level of education. Typing words on a computer can be an easy workaround for some of the struggles of dyslexic children. Studies show that when dyslexic kids adopt keyboarding

Does Your Dyslexic Child Confuse the Letters b and d?

– Posted in: spelling tricks

Is your student confusing the lowercase letters b and d? It’s a common problem for people with dyslexia. Here’s a simple method to help them learn the difference for both reading and writing.  This fun method simplifies the complicated task of telling the difference between a b and a d, because your student only has

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