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by Jennifer Sand on See to Spell
Speedy Learning

Your See-to-Spell cards for the Barton levels 1-5 (card sets 1-3) have been phenomenal for all my students. They are spelling sight words in a flash and love the pictures on the cards. Having a story with pictures allows them to learn the words in far less time. It’s so helpful that many of the letters represent the same thing in every story, it makes the stories easy to remember. Sometimes when a student is stuck on a word, I’ll just give them a hint concerning the story and off they go. My only regret is that there are not more cards beyond Barton level five.

by Laurel Sebastien, Certified Barton Tutor - Northern Arizona on See to Spell
Amazing results!

The See to Spell cards have made a huge difference in my students with dyslexia, dysgraphia and memory problems! The pictures 'stick' in a way that simple letters do not, and they are fun for the kids to work with. Using the Barton system for the reading, writing and spelling curriculum, I find the See to Spell cards work perfectly since they are the same sight words. The art work is great, so child-friendly, and genius in the way letters from one word relate to other words. The See to Spell system is one of the best investments you can make for working with students like mine!

by Patricia Nelson on See to Spell
My Best Supplemental Resource

I cannot BEGIN to tell you how much I LOVE these sight word cards for reading and spelling! Being able to visually image for my dyslexic tutoring students is essential because they struggle with weak working and short-term memory and with retrieval from long-term memory.The clever (and often humorous) illustrations on each card provide a wonderful way for students to 'tag' a letter(s) for a sight word and 'hang it' in their long-term memory for accurate retrieval the next time they encounter that word. When I dictate these words for spelling practice, I always use the story line sentence, which appears on the backside of the card, for context. This provides the extra reinforcement my students need. Often I ask students to tell me what they picture on particular letters within a word before they actually spell it.These cards are very high-quality, wonderfully illustrated, and worth EVERY penny! A LOT of thought and effort went into producing them. I own all three sets and am eagerly awaiting production of a fourth!

by Alicia on See to Spell

My then 7-year old starting using See to Spell in school, prior to the eventual dyslexia diagnosis. It is difficult as a mom to see your child struggle, and the self esteem issues that come with that. See to Spell not only helped with sight words, it was an important bridge to getting my daughter's confidence back on track. At a time when my daughter was easily frustrated, she stuck with See to Spell because of the engaging content and how she saw results so quickly.Thank you, thank you, See to Spell!

by Kera Proffitt- Parent- Sacramento, California on See to Spell
Pictures on the Cards Convert Sight Words to Long Term Memory

My son was diagnosed with dyslexia and found sight words to be impossible to memorize. Our reading tutor recommended we try See to Spell. Before we ordered our first set, we were just using regular flashcards we had made with the word printed on it and the vowel sound in different colors. My son was still not able to convert sight words to his long term memory. We did not have an obstacle that would prevent us from buying the product, however we spend a lot of money on tutoring and other supplemental education so cost is always a concern. As a result of using this product we found that my son had a new excitement for sight words and was able to use the pictures on the cards to convert sight words to long term memory. I love the pictures on the cards and that the sentences are funny and relatable to kids. These cards make sight words more fun and accessible to kids. Very good for kids with dyslexia and high visual learners. I have recommended this product to other moms and both my sons teachers. Thank you!

by Betty Abbott, Reading Specialist, New Way Academy-Phoenix, AZ on See to Spell
Reading Specialist, New Way Academy-Phoenix, AZ

See to Spell is a resource that is extremely effective for helping students to read and memorize the spelling of otherwise potentially difficult words. I am a Reading Specialist who works with children with dyslexia and a variety of other learning differences and found See to Spell to be extremely helpful. I have been using the cards for quite some time and I have recommended them to my coworkers as well as parents. See to Spell is well worth the investment!

by Leslie Mata, Resource Teacher/Barton Tutor/Naval Academy Primary School-Maryland on See to Spell
An invaluable tool for my dyslexic students

As a Resource Teacher and tutor who uses the Barton Reading and Spelling Program, I work one-on-one with students who struggle with reading and spelling for a variety of reasons. The See to Spell sight word flashcards are an invaluable tool for my dyslexic students and have also made a huge impact on many other students as well! Before ordering the See to Spell cards, I had my Barton students draw a little picture in the corner of each sight word spelling card to act as a visual reminder. Now, a fun, engaging picture is already there! The most wonderful thing about the See to Spell cards is how each colorful illustration is embedded in the word AND there is a "story sentence" on the back! The pictures lead to conversation and before my student realizes it, they've practiced reading and recognizing the sight word many times! My students look forward to seeing each new sight word and I can't imagine teaching without them now - I absolutely love them!

by Cassandra Hafen, Certified Barton Tutor - Nevada on See to Spell
It made a difference for my severely dyslexic student!

I've used the Barton Reading and Spelling System for several years with much success with students and faithfully followed sight words procedures. With one of my students, however, it seemed such a slow process. Although I hesitated to buy the See to Spell cards due to cost, I thought since they had been successful with another Barton student that I should give them a try. I was happy to find that the pictures and stories with the words made a difference to my severely dyslexic student and he began to learn the sight words. He has a very poor visual memory so I think having such visually stimulating pictures to go with the letters helped make a difference. It was only after we used the See to Spell card for "I" that he was able to successfully read "I". The visual cues of boys/girls and different animals also helps along with the sentences to go with each picture. My teenage student also didn't feel that they were "too babyish" for him. I recommended them to the school counselor at my daughter's school who runs a sight word tutoring program for K-5 and donated a set to her to use as a practice set. Last week she said they are working with her fifth grade student and she wants the rest of the sets! See to Spell cards do make a difference, especially for the severely dyslexic student, and that is why I am giving this product five stars!

by Jen Stephens/West Valley Dyslexia Learning Center on See to Spell
Great Teaching Tool

See to Spell cards are a great way to teach sight words to students. The illustrations provide a wonderful image of the words to help students remember the letters and sequence of the letters within the word. Each card has a sentence using the word that corresponds to the picture. Between the sentence example and picture clues it helps to jog a student’s memory for the word. The sentence example is also helpful in understanding the word such as when to use too/to/two or differentiating between were/where and their/there. See to Spell cards provide a fun way to learn sight words.

by Kris Williams - Certified Barton Tutor - M. Ed.- Dreams Unlocked Tutoring on See to Spell
Excellent help for learning to spell sight words

I had been looking at these cards online for some time, but wasn't sure I wanted to spend the money. (They aren't expensive for what they are, but you know how we have to choose what resources are the most valuable...can't buy everything that looks great!) I finally "took the plunge" and I just have to say, I should have gotten these a long time ago! My students LOVE these cards. We enjoy discussing the pictures imagining ourselves in the accompanying stories. Once introduced, my students usually know how to spell the words at their very next session, and do not forget them! If they need a clue, I just say the first word or two of the story and BAM, the picture comes back to their mind and they write the word! One student said, "These cards are really helping me!" I love the patterns in the stories...a's have a "she" story, o's have a "he" story, h's have some form of building built into the story...brilliant! I think one of my favorite aspects of using the cards is the help with homonyms: going TO the baseball game; TOO many tennis balls; TWO things for breakfast... It is so much easier for kids to store those pictures in their brains than just colored letters! Keep 'em coming, Shawn!

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